Winnipeg Name Tranquility Place Housing Co-op. Mgmt Murdoch Management
CATEGORY Street #1-151 Watson St. Street 757 Henderson Highway
Special Needs City Winnipeg City Winnipeg
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Prov MB PO R2P 2P8 Prov MB PO R2K 2K7
Contact Michelle Ritchot Tel 982-2004
Fax 669-4509 E-Mail NA
A project specifically designed with attention for physically challenged households.  A motel style building with accommodation from singles to families.
DETAIL Description Units Sq.Ft. Ent.Fee


Included In Monthly Rental Other Amenities
Style 1 1 bed 11 NA NA RGI

Rent includes  property taxes, utilities, maintenance and caretaker services.  All rent is rent-geared-to-income.

On site parking for residents & guests.  Outdoor play area for children. Patios.
Style 2 2 bed 11 NA NA RGI
Style 3 3 bed 3 NA NA RGI
Style 4 NA NA NA NA NA
Style 5 NA NA NA NA NA
Style 6 NA NA NA NA NA
Style 7 NA NA NA NA NA

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