Alpha House

We have been extremely fortunate in having Murdoch Management Inc. as our Property Managers since the beginning of ALPHA HOUSE. I say “since the beginning” because Doug Leeies and his company (Acorn), acted as an advisor to the founding members while the concept of Alpha House was still a dream. He was instrumental in assisting the Board in developing the proposal that went to Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s “Next Step Programme” which provided us with the funds to purchase our building.

Alpha House is an apartment building with many special features. Doug Leeies and his staff understand and support our Mission and respect our need for security. Over the years they have gone beyond their contract in assisting us keeping the building in good repair, handling the day-to-day problems, collecting the rents, and paying the bills. They help us with our budgeting and provide the Board of Directors with regular financial information. The company has grown and expanded over the years, but we have not been neglected not set aside – and still feel treated as special customers. Tammy has taken on many extras with a personal touch – thanks to Doug for allowing this to happen.

Many thanks from all of us to everyone at Murdoch Management.

Regarding Alpha House