Tracey Witwicki

To the Weston Residents Housing Co-op Board,

I just want to thank Murdoch Management and the Board members for pushing so hard for me getting my house painted. I literally cried with tears of joy when I heard Ben say those words on my answering machine. I was telling everyone how it meant so much to me, to live in a great place such as Murdoch Management (Weston Residents Housing Co-op). Where they go to the moon and back just to help you in any way they possibly can. If I wasn’t living here, I have no idea where I would be living as I has some really bad set backs in the last year. But not only last year but in the 14 years living here, I had many also in that time too. I really appreciate Murdoch Management, the Board of directors and all of my Co-Op members and neighbours. This is not just part of town but a good community of good people, neighbours helping neighbours and where children can grow up and you know that someone is always watching out for your children. I know I haven’t grown up in this neighbourhood, but I feel I have and hopefully I can continue doing so.

Thank you all so much. Tracey Witwicki

Regarding: Weston Housing Co-op